Photo of Alyse Kuhlman

Alyse Kuhlman

Communications Manager

Alyse Kuhlman currently serves as the Communications Manager at Global Leisure Management. With over sixteen years of experience in the field of anthropology, she has honed her communication skills through her work in higher education and scientific research. Drawing on her extensive training as a project coordinator, Alyse is adept at communicating complex ideas and concepts in a clear and concise manner. Her expertise in the field enables her to effectively convey ideas to a diverse audience.

Alyse’s position at Global Leisure Management leverages her anthropological expertise to create compelling narratives and establish meaningful connections with individuals, establishing herself as a competent professional who is able to effectively bridge the gap between business and culture.

Alyse takes pride in her extensive work experience at St. Louis attractions. Throughout her career, she has held various roles that include intern (Missouri History Museum), general store cashier (Gateway Arch), tour guide (City Museum), parking attendant (Hollywood Casino Ampitheatre), and research scientist (Missouri Botanical Garden). Alyse’s diverse skill set allows her to effectively navigate different industry sectors and work collaboratively with people from diverse backgrounds. Her work experience has provided her with extensive knowledge and expertise in the St. Louis attractions industry.

Alyse spearheads the GLM Cares initiative, a testament to GLM’s commitment to giving back to the community. This endeavor allows her to utilize effective communication not only to engage diverse audiences but also to make a positive impact beyond the attractions sector.